FactionsLab Presents
Fringe Map II

General Server Information

IP -

Release Date - May 18th 3pm EST
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Man Factions
25 Chunk Buffers
3 Second Cannon Limit
7 Days of Grace Period
Mixed Economy
14 Days of TNT

Fringe (Main) World ⇒
5000 x 5000 No Effects
Mars World ⇒ 5000 x 5000 Permanent Fire Resistance I
Moon World ⇒ 5000 x 5000 Permanent Jump Boost I


Click here to gain access to the economy!

Faction F-Top Rewards

The server will be having a 2000$ factions top prize pool

Week 1 - Grace Period

First Place: $150 Buycraft
Second Place: $100 Buycraft
Third Place: 50$ Buycraft

Week 2 - TNT

First Place: $300 PayPal + $200 Buycraft

Second Place: $150 PayPal + $100 Buycraft
Third Place: $50 PayPal + 50$ Buycraft

Week 3 - TNT

First Place: $300 PayPal + $200 Buycraft

Second Place: $150 PayPal + $100 Buycraft
Third Place: $50 PayPal + 50$ Buycraft


Abandoned Laboratory
Players can now venture to the Abandoned Laboratory! Here, players will be able to slay endermites that have infested the lab which drop eyes of ender! These can be sold in the shop for 500$ each... but beware, the abandoned laboratory is open to anybody so you never know when someone is going to jump you!

A 24/7 KoTH which can be captured by factions! This will give rewards to the factions that are capturing it such as a constant flow of money, access to a premium shop with cheaper spawners and spawner boosts.

King of the Hill
There will be several King of the Hill events that run daily. Winners of these will gain one Event Key!

Revamped Ranks
The rank system on FactionsLab has been completely revamped, with several ranks merging and a new array of kits formed!
Mutant and Beast have merged into Alchemist
Doctor and Surgeon have merged into Scientist
All Seasonal Ranks and Dentist has merged into Heisenberg
A new global Lab rank has also been released.
For more information, the buycraft for ranks will be released soon!

Revamped G-Kits
The G-kit system on FactionsLab has been completely revamped alongside ranks, with current kits being reworked and optimised.
The God Kit is now known as the Cyborg G-Kit
The Lab Kit is now known as the Stargazer G-Kit
The Peacekeeper Kit is now known as the Chemist G-Kit
The Villain Kit is now known as the Mad Scientist G-Kit
The Hero Kit is now known as the Researcher G-Kit

Crate Keys and Monthly Crates
The crate keys and monthly crates rewards have been reworked to include new rewards! These will be available to view via right clicking the crates ingame!

Genblocks and Patchblocks

Genbuckets will now come in the form of Genblocks. You can buy these from the /gen GUI which will give a range of horizontal and vertical cobblestone, sand and obsidian blocks.
We have also introduced Patchblocks which will pass through water and blocks and gen to bedrock... although these will come at a heftier price!

By grinding mobs, you will gain tokens. These can be spent in the /tokenshop in order to buy buycraft items ingame! This includes ranks and crate keys.

Players can activate daily, weekly and monthly missions via the /missions command in order to partake in certain activities to gain some awesome rewards!

Printer Mode
A large amount of resources have been allocated to optimise printer mode for this map!