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    IGN : FactionsGuru faction Irn-Bru was insided 9 days ago

    Issue / Question :
    Insided for 6-7 days Been trying to get a hold on Osword then he resigned so i msg pengoins he said make a post 9 days in

    Evidence (If required) :
    You can check blocks mined/spawners mined and see who unclaimed in the logs. all the blocks in the design were placed by us if you were to rollback we would have the claim

    Extra (Optional) :
    On the 5th Line down, it states "Unclaiming large amounts of faction territory without permission from the original owner" at the top of it, it also states "We have provided some very specific instances that we consider as Insiding:"
    ./f who Frial Got the claims when i was unable to get on and pretty sure it might of been AniDoesMc that unclaimed all
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    +1 give this man what he wants

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