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    Hello everyone, and welcome to the official announcement thread for FactionsLab Map 11!
    (also known as The Christmas Map :eek:)

    I will be going over everything that's being added/changed this map in this thread.
    But before I get into that, let it be known that the release date for The Christmas Map is..

    Saturday, December 16th at 2 PM EST (11 AM PST, 7 PM GMT)

    Click here to enter our $100 store giftcard giveaway!

    Important Information
    • The overworld world border will be 10,000 x 10,000
    • The end world border will be 5,000 x 5,000
    • The mars world border will be 5,000 x 5,000
    • The grace period will last for 1 week.
    • There are 12 corners.
    • Everyone who re-uploads the servers trailer will receive a Crystal Key once the map launches. You must have at least 100 subscribers to claim the key. Click here for the download link to the trailer.
    • This map will end on February 3rd, 2018 at 2 PM EST. (7 week map)

    FTOP Information
    • The way ftop will work on this map is a little different than usual. Instead of there being massive payouts at the end of the map, the total ftop prize will be sectioned out & distributed every week.
    • TOTAL FTOP PRIZE: $1,500 PayPal + $500 Store Giftcard
    • The following prizes will be paid out every Saturday at 2 PM EST (first payout is Dec 30th)
      • 1st. $150 PayPal
      • 2nd. $70 PayPal
      • 3rd. $30 PayPal
      • So a total of $250 PayPal will be paid out each week, for a total of 6 weeks. 250 * 6 = $1,500.
    • The top 3 factions on the last saturday of the map will be awarded the extra following prizes:
      • 1st. $250 Store Giftcard
      • 2nd. $150 Store Giftcard
      • 3rd. $100 Store Gifcard
    • So basically, if your faction is ftop #1 throughout the entire map, you will win $900 PayPal and a $250 Store Giftcard.
    • If you are the leader of your faction, use the command /setpaypal (email) in-game so we know what PayPal email to send your money to.

    Change Log

    • Crop Hoppers
      • Crop hoppers are special hoppers that collect all the cactus dropped within the chunk that the hopper is placed in.
      • You can obtain these by capturing KOTHs, looting Envoy's, opening Crystals or purchasing them on our store. Crop Hoppers can also be obtained via /shop
    • Obsidian Gen Buckets
      • Obsidian gen buckets are a new un-craftable gen bucket that generate obsidian vertically from wherever you place it until it reaches it's first block.
      • You can obtain these by capturing KOTHs, looting Envoy's, opening Crystals or purchasing them on our store. Obsidian Gen Buckets can also be obtained via /shop
    • KOTH Starters
      • KOTH starters are a new item that allows you to start a KOTH event whenever you want, you can also pick which KOTH you would like to activate (except event KOTHs)
      • You can obtain these by capturing KOTHs, looting Envoy's, opening Crystals or purchasing them on our store.
    • EXP Boosters & Spawner Boosters
      • EXP Boosters multiply how much EXP your faction obtains while killing mobs for a specified amount of time. Spawner boosters multiply the efficiency of the spawners within your factions claim for a specified amount of time.
      • You can obtain these by capturing KOTHs, looting Envoy's, opening Crystals or purchasing them on our store.
    • EXP Bombs
      • EXP Bombs are like money pouches, except for EXP. You will receive a random amount of EXP based on the tier of bomb you have when you throw the item.
      • You can obtain these by capturing KOTHs, looting Envoy's, opening Crystals or purchasing them on our store.
    • Chunk Busters
      • Chunk busters automatically erase whatever chunk you place the item in, from bedrock to sky-limit. These items are extremely useful for trenching out your base.
      • You can obtain these by capturing KOTHs, looting Envoy's, opening Crystals or purchasing them on our store.
    • Chunk Loaders
      • Chunk loaders are NPCs that you can spawn within your claim that AFK your spawners for you 24/7.
      • You can obtain these by capturing KOTHs, looting Envoy's, opening Crystals or purchasing them on our store.
    • Lightning Wands
      • A Lightning Wand is a golden sword with Knockback 3, Unbreaking 10 enchants. When you right click a creeper with this sword, it will become supercharged. This wand has a 30 second cooldown.
      • You can obtain these by capturing KOTHs or purchasing them on our store.
    • Beautiful new spawn and PvP optimized warzones. (warzone built by @trippinpxc)
    • Mobs no longer spawn naturally.
    • Brand new Outpost system has been implemented.
    • Knockback & Hit Detection has been drastically optimized... trust us.
    • Fix all & fix hand cooldowns have been reworked.
    • You can no longer enderpearl through bedrock.
    • Fixed the Sumo leaderboard lag, also fixed any exploits around Sumo.
    • There's now 5 unique KOTHs, including one in the End world.
    • Lowered the max amount of ELO you can lose in a single Sumo match.
    • Fixed all existing bugs regarding leap.
    • Donator rank permissions & kits have been tweaked.
    • The server store has been revamped.
    • Fixed all existing bugs regarding creeper eggs near obsidian.
    • Fixed placing creeper eggs on top of spawners.
    • Added special rewards from fishing which scale up depending on your fishing mcMMO level.
    • Reworked spawner crystals so they're less OP.
    • Added new rewards to normal Crystals & Spawner Crystals.
    • You can now /mctop specific mcMMO skills.
    • Fixed all existing bugs regarding combat tagging.
    • KOTH loot has been drastically buffed.
    • Envoy loot has been drastically altered, with a ton of new consumable rewards.
    • Outpost now has a GUI based shop. You will also receive 2x EXP & 2x Spawner Rates in your claim whilst controlling outpost.
    • Zombie Spawners now cost $10k, Spider spawners now cost $30k, Skeleton spawners now cost $60k and Mooshroom spawners now cost $80k
    • Beacons are now accounted for on FTOP (for $400k)
    • You now get extra voting rewards when you reach 10 votes, 25 votes, 50 votes, 75 votes and 100 votes in a given month.
    • All issues regarding /f stealth has been fixed.
    • The seasonal rank permissions have been updated.
    • Excavating will now give stacks of tnt and other raiding essentials at higher levels.
    • Archery max level set to 1,000 with 10% daze change at max level
    • Acrobatics max level increased to 1,000 with max 25% dodge chance
    • Repair now viable at higher levels to repair your gear
    • Blast mining drastically increased radius and drops
    • Herbalism’s luck of hyrule allows players with higher level herbalism to make tons of money
    SIDE NOTE: I know we really let everyone down last map, I'm not going to sugarcoat it.. it was a disaster. We were down to 20 players within the first week or so.. but guess what? We still paid out.

    We are legitimate server operators. Even if we messed up last map, even though it was a complete fail, we still paid out thousands of dollars worth of prizes to the players that earned it.

    I just hope this says something to the community, I can guarantee that a lot of other server owners in this community would've just closed the server after a fail like that and never paid out. Playing on FactionsLab is safe, and you know that you'll get paid without a doubt.

    We recently had a very successful map on one of our other factions servers, and took the same precautions this map on FactionsLab to ensure that we have a successful map here as well.

    I hope everyone gives us another chance, and comes online to see the new map this weekend.
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    "by Amazing : Oct 6, 2017 at 3:37 AM
    Hey everyone!

    I'm Amazing, one of two new owners of FactionsLab alongside @trkey.

    trkey and I run several very successful servers, one of which some of you may already know - FearPvP. Thanks to FearPVP, we have the experience needed to make Factions Lab better.

    One thing that I want to stress is that FactionsLab will not drastically change - it will still be the server that you know & enjoy. All we are going to do is fix bugs and implement community suggestions.

    Please use this thread as a tool to tell us what needs to be"

    ==> "FactionsLab will not drastically change"

    ==> "
    will not"
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    should be fun ;)
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    This Season is already so LIT
    not to mention this amazing f top Prize Omg im in love :)
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    I kind of read the update-notes too late
    I'm actually happy Acrobatics is nerfed as well as Herbalism and Repair are buffed.

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